Lumineers - Gale Song Acoustic chords

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Artist: The Lumineers
Song: Gale Song (acoustic)
Transcription: satir3,

Tuning: standard, NO capo

Chords used:
name:  E.A.D.G.B.E
C:     x.
C2:    x.
C9:    x.
Fmaj7: x.
Am:    x.

Note I:
C*= C     C2 C9  C2 C

Note II:
Watch the video for the changes, timings, hammer-ons...

G2  C*   
G2  C*   

 Fmaj7        C*  
It's a lonely road
        Am    C*
Full of tired men
            Am        G9    C*
And you can see it in their faces
              Fmaj7   C*  
And you'll be home in spring
      Am        C*
I can wait till then
  Am           G9   Fmaj7 C* 
I heard you're on a big   train

    Fmaj7              C/G
And all this too shall pass
     Fmaj7            C/G      G9     Am
This loneliness won't last for long, ooh oooh
         G9       Fmaj7    C 
I wasn't there to take his place
Am         G9        Fmaj7 C 
  I was ten thousand miles away

      Fmaj7         C*
So when you hear my voice
         Am     C*
When you say my name
Am           G9       C* 
May it never give you pain
Fmaj7         C*
I don't wanna go
       Am        C*
But it's time to leave
     Am         G9    Fmaj7    C*
You'll be on my mind, my  destiny

    Fmaj7               C/G
And I won't fight it in vain
  Fmaj7             C/G   G9    Am
I love you just the saaaaaaame, oooh oooh
           G9          Fmaj7   C
I couldn't know what's in your mind
Am            G9               Fmaj7      C
   But I saw the pictures, you're looking fine

  And there was a time
When I stood in line for love, for love, for love
    Fmaj7                       C
But I let you go, oh, I let you go
  And he fell apart

With this broken heart
And this blood, this blood, this blood
    Fmaj7                        C
Oh, it drains from my skin and dust

C*  C*
Fmaj7  C*
Fmaj7 G9 C (stop)
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