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Madeline Adams - What The Devil Dont Know Wont Hurt Him chords

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Hey, there are absolutely no Madeline Adams tabs. It's a little bit heartbreaking. 
So, here it is. I hope someone enjoys it other than me.

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Shoot a squirrel and baby girl don't even know her father
Sent her away on the fifth of may 
To a steamboat in the water
I loved her well but I'm going to hell
And she won't know its fires
When I'm away she'll dine in Maine 
On bloody marys and lobster
The day I die, well by that time
She will be a woman
She won't know me but her love's at sea
With a steamboat captain husband
I can't sleep at night, oh she's wonderin' why
She don't know her father
I tell her she born when the beauty of the sun
Fell into the water

B                                      A                 E
Well the devil don't know, but I'll be countin' his gold tonight
B                              A                 E
You can't grow old when you're countin' his gold tonight 
(2 times)

When she dies why the wings won't fly her
All the way to Jesus
Her soul will lay and move with the waves
Oh the devil told me all his secrets 
(3 times)

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