Makebelieve - Home chords

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MakeBelieve - Home chords

This song consists of three parts. Use the same chords for each verse and chorus.


A thousand miles away from you,

G/B                C
Still feels you're here

picture clear inside my mind

G/B           C
Won't give me air

I think about you all the time

Promise to be by your side

         Em    D   C
When I'm home,     yeah.

- Chorus:

        Em      C
Take me home,

G         D          
somewhere we can be 

Em         C

It's been so long

Em             C
Take me back where I belong, 

G                     D/B
Any other place would feel so wrong

        Em     D     C
Take me home.

D           Em
   And I still believe
G              D/B
   Wait for me,     Wait for me

Em             C
   And I will be there
Cause you're in my heart.
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