Malcolm Du Plessis - I Want To Sing chords

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C7        F
I want to sing
G/F                    Em
Till I am lost in Your love
Am7                     Dm7
Till I am found in Your presence
G                        C
Worshiping before Your throne
C7            F
Moved by Your Spirit
G/F                Em   Am7
Entering into Your flow
                   Dm7     G
How precious these moments
                    C   C7
Lord I want You to know

It's You
G/F                  Em7
You who have won my heart
Am7               Dm7
Taken me into Your arms
 G                    C    C7
Comforted me like a friend
      F       G/F
Your love surrounded me
From the start
        Am7         Dm7  G
I never want to be apart
From Your ever again
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