Malukah - Reignite chords

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Em       C     D                  Em
Hope can drown lost in thunderous sound
Em       C          D              Em
Fear can claim what little faith remains

      Em    C             D         A
But I carry strength from souls now gone
     Em        C       D
They won't let me give in...

Em     C       D
I will never surrender
      Em                 Em
We'll free the Earth and sky
         C          D
Crush my heart into embers
    Am         Em       C D Am Em C D
And I will reignite...
Am         Em    C D Am
I will reignite

(same chord structure as above)

Death will take those who fight alone
But united we can break a fate once set in stone

Just hold the line until the end
Cause we will give them hell...

I will never surrender
We'll free the Earth and sky
Crush my heart into embers
And I will reignite...
I will reignite.

Thanks to leen verhoek who figured out the A's and Am's. If there are any problems or 
mistakes, dont hesitate to contact me.
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