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Manhattan Transfer - Soul Food To Go chords

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D9/A: X04230
E/A: X06450
F#7/4/9: 242424

Intro: A  D9/A

A        D9/A
My, my - Oh the feelin'
A              E/A                    
Of the sound - Precious and real and
F#m            C#m7                    Dsus7 
Uh that's nice - Whip up some steamin' jazz
The pot is on the stove It's cookin'

A                D9/A
Want some more - We always save some
A              E/A                    
Art nouveau - For special patrons
F#m             C#m7               Dsus7  Cdim
You look nice - Do you believe in jazz

Kansas City to Brazil
     Cdim              F#7/4/9
It even gets you hot in your home
Kansas City to Brazil 
Bm7             Esus4                                   
I blow your top Blow your own
A                          D9/A
Ah uh ah - This be-bop's - too much - I know you know
A                      E/A               
Hip hop - Never stop - I'll pour you - tasty funk
F#m                    C#m7                                       
We got - Cool and hot - Just for you - pleasures of the soul
Come on Come in - And check it out  1. Uh c'est si bon
                                   - 2. Soul food to go

Yeah, yeah yeah...
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