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Marc Cohn - Already Home chords

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I play this quickly, with feeling. I'm pretty sure that this is correct. If you 
have changes, make sure you let me know so that I can change my chart here at 
home.  Thanks and keep playing!! I hope you enjoy my other Marc Cohn charts as well!!!

Already Home
Marc Cohn & John Leventhal
E                                G#m
Sometimes you got to go back, sometimes you don't know why (2X)

I can see the sunshine coming through my room
Breaking down the winter of my discontent
Looking out my window at the people passing by
          G#m                    F#
I keep wondering where my old companion went
On the steps of the museum, I wrote a line or two
       G#m                          F#                          E
But it took a while to find my way back to something true like you

E                           G#m
This is where I lay my hat, this is where they know my name
E                                       G#m            F#
This is where they show me that a man's not so alone - no
F#           E
Maybe I'm already home (Sometimes you've got to go back)
Maybe I'm already home (Sometimes you don't know why)

Rolling down my window, burning up the daze
Cutting through the veil that keeps on blinding me
I was only sleeping, waiting here for you
G#m                                  F#
Waiting for your touch that keeps reminding me
Well I've seen the world of wonders, been underneath it too
But it took a while just to find my way
 F#                            E
Back to something true that I like

CHORUS (Second Half 2X) Yeah Iím already home

F#                           F#   B   E
Why it had to take me so long
E                                     E   B   F#
Just to find a place that really feels
F#                         F#   B   E
This must be where I belong
E         Ebm            E              A        E
Thinking about it all I had to do was click my heels

(First Half 2X Only) Second time with vocal accent - you'll feel when!

E////////G#m////////E////////G#m////////E////////G#m//////// (Jam Out & Fade)
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