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Marie Lindberg - Trying To Recall chords

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Capo: 2nd fret 
variation on Dadd9 chord, skip third finger on the 4th fret.

And you said
[Cadd9]    [D]                     [Am]
I think I know how you feeling and I replied
  [Em]              [Dadd9]
I donít think so at all
[G]        [Cadd9]     [D]       [Cadd9]        [G]
Then we wouldnít be here a reuniting cup of coffee
[Em]          [Dadd9]
Trying to recall

I know god 
[Cadd9]       [D]                     [Am]
what have we done to each other and tell me dear
     [Em]         [Dadd9]
Where did we go wrong?
[G]      [Cadd9]
Did we grow apart?
[D]       [Cadd9]       [G]      
or did we just not grow together 
[Em]        [Dadd9]
living our dreams

       [C]      [D]           [G]
When youíre sleeping on the couch
      [C]          [Am]     [D]
When love becomes sacrificed
    [Am]     [D]
And Iím nor sure it going to
[G]        [C]     [Dadd9]
Be you and me anymore

And itís time to
[Cadd9]   [D]                       [Am]
Tell me what you are thinking and guide me
     [Em]            [Dadd9]
Where do we go from here?
[G]     [Cadd9]
Do our ways converge?
[D]           [Cadd9]     [G]
Or do they separate to nowhere
[Em]             [Dadd9]
Destination unknown?
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