Marion Black - Who Knows chords

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Marion Black - Who Knows

Intro/Verses: Dm  F  Gm  A7

There’s no guitar in this song that I can hear, but the bass is quite prominent. 
(The chords USED TO line up perfectly until I pasted them into this crappy submission box.)

Bass line:


      Dm		        F		           Gm     A7
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

	      Dm		           F	      Gm     A7
Maybe sunshine, and maybe rain

	          Dm	      F	     Gm    A7
But as for me I'll wait and see,

	Dm   tacit...  			drum fill
And maybe it'll bring my love to me

Who knows? Who knows?
Who knows it better than I
That it's she who's keeping me alive
Keeping the little girl as my goal
Makes my life worth living you know

Another day Another day

Gm			                  Dm
Just another day I wanna live

To share the love that only she can give
And if she don't come on home
I pray the lord will help me carry on
Another day
Another day
Just another day
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