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Marit Larsen - If A Song Could Get Me You tab

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Marit Larsen
If A Song Could Get Me you
The Chase
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G -   320033
Em -  022000
C -   x32010
D -   xx0232
Am -  x02210
G/B - x2x033
Eb -  x68886
D7 -  xx0212
C9 -  x32033

Verse 1:
I could try you with a waltz
I could try you rock and roll
I could try you with the blues
  If a song would do
I could sing it high or low
When I let you go you know
  D              C
I thought it was for the best
D            C
Now it is so obvious

   G                   D
So here it is, here it goes
Em                   G/B
I could try rock and roll
I would change your
life forever too
Am              D
If a song could get me you
G                       D
I could make it high or low
Em               G/B
Sing it on the radio
   C9             G/B
If that is what I need to do
Eb(hold)        D7(hold)
If a song could get me you

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Verse 2:
I could run for miles and miles
I'd take off and I'd start flying
I could cross land and sea
  If you just believe me
I should not have hurt you so
This old house is not a home
    D             C
Without you here, there's no use
     D           C
I've got no time left to lose

(Repeat Chorus)

C               G/B
If a song could get me through
    Am                 G       Em
I'd sing my way, right back to you
C               G/B
Tell me how, to make it right
Am                 G/B
Tell me now, I'll start tonight
  C            G/B
I know I could make it last
  D                 C
I swear to you that if I knew
       G/B           Em
What I was getting myself into
I wouldn't answer to my fears
    C                D7
I'd never leave you standing there

Verse 3:
     C         G/B
Just look at me
  If you'd only see me
I would prove my love for you
I could swallow half the moon
     D              C
Just tell me where, tell me when
D               C
I will have you back again

(Repeat Chorus twice)
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