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Mark Collie - In Time tab

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In Time
Artist: Mark Collie
Album: The Punisher OST
Tuning: D-A-D-G-A-D
Repeat x2
             Dm           Dsus4  Dm             Am   
            I can here what you're thinkin'...   ..Doubts and fear...     
   Dm        Dm  Dsus4 Dm    *
             ... In time you'll find...
   Dm    Dsus2 Dm        Dsus2 Dm  
   In time all things...
   Am  Dm       Am  Dm
   To live once more...
  Dm         *
..In time...Be no more

* - Means that I don't know the name of the chord
** Keep in mind ** This is played in DADGAD tuning. So don't email me saying "Your
version of this song doesn't make sense".

That's it, the whole thing is just repeated. I don't know Mark Collie's interlude
thing, just listen to the song and figure it out for yourself. This has now inspired
me to
a) start writing in DADGAD
b) watch The Punisher again.
Since writing takes time, I'm going to do the latter right now.


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