Mark Wirtz - Sam chords

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Sam - Mark Wirtz & Keith West

Album - A Teenage Opera

Capo 1st Fret

Intro: *I'm not too sure the exact chords for the intro but it sounds okay if you vamp on the A*

           [0.27 secs] A,[ch]A7sus4/A[/ch],A7sus4 [repeat into verse]

Verse 1:

A         A7sus4          A
Sam had a nice profession,
(A)              A7sus4
Well it was really more an obsession,
   A              A7sus4
He didn't have a single possession,
   A           A7sus4        Bm7
Just affection for a steam machine,
           Dm7         E       
Its simply Green-- her name is Glory,

Verse 2:

A                      A7sus4        A
The village folks they often wonder,
(A)                  A7sus4       
Where Glory gets her fire and thunder,
A              A7sus4        A
Magic things Sam must conjure,
Museum on the Rails--
                Dm7    A
A legend of Old Tales--Glory

[Train fx] 

Cue: ("Everybody on the train")

Bm7        E                  A
They climb aboard, wipe their feet,
(A)                        F#m7
Would you kindly take your seats,
Bm7         E
Sam pulls a cord,
      A     A7sus4    A
And a whistle is absorbed,
Bm7              E
Sam calls to ev'ryone,
            Amaj7                       F#m7             
"Let's have fun--This could be our last run!",
He didn't know how right he was,
  E                              A
A shock for him was in the post--now!

[Orchestral Instrumental]

Verse 3:

A               A7sus4         A
A letter headed Railway Company,
(A)                  A7sus4
Found its way to his house on Monday,
A                     A7sus4
Read: 'Your route is uneconomical,
A           A7sus4               Bm7
Very sorry, we got to be logical,
And when the month ends,
Glory is redundant'.

Verse 4:

A                    A7sus4        A
Then a strange sound in the night,
(A)              A7sus4
Made the people wake with fright,
A                  A7sus4
A Green Machine with a yellow light,
     A                  A7sus4
With Sam on top--steams out of sight,
Bm7       Dm7          A
Leaving behind puzzled minds

Instrumental: Bm7,,,/E,,,/Amaj7,,,/F#m7,,,/
              Dm7,,,/E,,,/A [hold]

A               A7sus4
Dear old Sam we miss you so,
   A                  A7sus4
We wish you would come back,
A               A7sus4
All we want for Christmas,
       A              A7sus4
Is old Sam in Santa's sack,  [Repeat 3 times]

[Key Change]

Fade out on A# and A#7sus4
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