Martin Sexton - Happy chords

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This is a fairly simple song to play.
Simple chord progression that Marty does is enhanced with his freestyle form.
Good luck and don't be afraid to try something different.
The second half of the first verse is not in the album version, but if you listen to 
early recordings of this, you will hear this verse.
I liked it so I added it in.  Impress you friends.

Intro:   G   D/F#  F   C   Cm  G  D
(Play an open C and then a bar Cm. Sounds better)

G              D/F#           F              C
You and I here all alone      Sunday morning here at home
    Cm                  G                    D
The sky is blue as the coffees strong   It's true

G                D/F#              F                       C
Far away on this ocean blue        Just cross town on East Avenue
           Cm                                     G
I'm in the grocery line but I might as well be in Timbuktu
My minds wandering

           F                              C/E                        G
But then I open my eyes           To this dream realized In front of me
         F                                        C/E                  
Oh and I haven't got a clue            What in the world is happening to me

            G                    D/F#
I think I'm happy      Like the first day of summer vacation
F                           C
Happy       when I get some rest and relaxation
Cm                    G                                        D
Happy       like the choir on Sunday morning         Sweet and true

G                  D/F#                F                 C
Oo sister when you cook that way       Sweet distraction rules the day
    Cm                  G
The kitchen table honey just might break
To the sound of you and I rockin our bodies

F                            C/E                             G
I don't understand why I wasn't your lover man     A hundred years ago
The fellas are gonna have to understand
              C/E                    D
And tip their hats to the man who scored

                G              D/F#
Hot damn I'm so happy    Like lovin you all night long
F                 C
Happy     and sleeping on our front lawn
Cm             G                               D
Happy     like hearing my favorite song on the radio
Take me to the bridge

         C               Cm       G
Cuz I've been round this world a hundred times
       C                    Cm          G
And I never knew love could happen this way
     C            Cm          G
I think of you so often and I know that you are
Thinking of me too

                 G                   D/F#
That makes me so happy      like the first day of summer vacation
F             C                        Cm
Happy   apple pie and relaxation
     G                                      D
Like peace all round the world we're living on

End:  C  Cm   G
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