Martin Sexton - Happy chords

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Happy   Martin Sexton


G    D/F#   Dm/F   Cadd9  Cm   G

Verse :

G                    D/F#        Dm/F            Cadd9
You and I here all alone, Sunday morning here at home
Cm                                        G                D
The sky is blue and the coffee's strong, it's true
Dm/F                     Cadd9                         G 
Then I open my eyes, to this dream realized in front of me
Dm/F                                               C                     D               G/D
Then I haven't got a clue what in the world is happenin to me….


            G                            D/F#
I think I’m happy… like the first day of summer vacation
Dm/F                                   C
Happy when I get a little rest and relaxation
C                     G                                                 D
Happy like the choir on Sunday morning sweet and true


Ooh sister when you cook that way, sweet distraction rules my day
The kitchen table just might break, to the sound of you and I rockin' our bodies 
Now I don’t understand,  why I wasn’t your man all these years ago.
Other fellows are gonna have to understand, and tip their hats to the man
Who scored…


G                             D/F#
I’m so happy, oh like loving you all night long
Dm/F                    C
Happy…like sleeping on the front lawn
Cm               G                                              D
Happy…like hearing my favorite song on the radio


Cm                         G
I’ve been around this world a hundred times
Cm                            G
And I never knew love could happen this way
Cm                      G
I think of you so often and I know that you are 
Thinking of me too 


G                                 D/F#
I’m so happy, like the first day of summer vacation
Dm/F                         Cadd9
Happy    apple pie and relaxation
Cm                         G
Happy like peace all round the world we're living on 
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