Matt Gilman - Closer chords

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Matt Gilman

               Aadd9   E                       B    C#m
There is a rain - bow of mercy around You
                      Aadd9   E   Aadd9   E
Itís calling me clo  -  ser,    clo  -  ser
                             Aadd9   E                           B   C#m
The blood of Your Son         has made me a way
                       Aadd9   E   Aadd9   E
A way to come clo  -  ser,   clo  -  ser

                 G#m7   C#m                  Aadd9   E
For You delight       in showing me mer  -  cy
                  G#m7   C#m                  Bsus4   (B)
And You desire              me to draw near
                        G#m7   C#m                        Aadd9   E
Now You have caused   me to come and approach You
                  Aadd9   Bsus4   B7sus4   E
And I am blessed        a   -   mong   men

                    G#m7   C#m            Aadd9   E
Now there is one     thing I will desire
                   G#m7   C#m         Bsus4   (B)
And there is one     thing I will seek
                     G#m7   C#m                      Aadd9   E
That I may behold     You in all of Your glory
                         Aadd9   Bsus4   B7sus4   E
To gaze on the beauty      of          the     King
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