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Matt Redman - Beliver tab

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Written by: Matt Redman 


I dream of tongues of fire 
resting on Your people,
C/G                   Em7/D
I dream of all  the miracles to come.
I hope to see the coming
healing of the nations,
C/G             Em7/D
I long to see the prodigals return.
Csus    Em7/D
So many hopes and longings in you
Csus              Em7/D
when will all the dreams come true?
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A2         G    
Iím a believer in your kindom,
D/F#       A2
I am a seeker of the new things,
I am a dreamer of some old dreams,
D/F#              A2
let them now come     
(will you now come?)

I hope to see you come down,
Rend the mighty heavens,
And let Your glory cover all the earth;
to see Your sons and daughters
Come to know and love You,
And find a purer passion in the church.
These are the things my heart will pursue;
When will all the dreams come true?

May Your church now reach out,
Sowing truth and justice,
Learning to love the poor and help the weak.
When your kindomís coming
It will touch the broken,
Place the lonley ina family.
So many hopes and longings in You;
When will all the dreams come true?

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