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Matt Redman - Facedown tab

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Facedown: Matt Redman

Capo 1

(Intro) Dm  A  F  G  Dm  A  F  G

(Verse 1)
Dm                        A    
   Welcomed in to the courts of the king
              F                      G   
   Ive been ushered into your presence
Dm                         A    
   Lord i stand on your merciful ground
            F                      G
   Yet with every step tread reverence
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(Verse 2)
Dm                        A
   Who is there in the heavens like you
      F                             G
And on the earth, who's your equal
Dm                                  A
   You are far above, Your the highest of heights
       F                      G
We are bowing down to exalt you

             F          Bb
   And i'll fall face down
              Dm    C       Bb
   As Your Glory shines around
             F          Bb
   Yes, i'll fall face down
             Dm    C       Bb   
   As your glory shines around


   Bb                                   C 
        Lord Let your glory shine around
        Let your glory shine around
        King of glory here be found

        King of glory                           (x?)
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