Matthew And The Atlas - I Followed Fires chords

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I'm not completely positive of the chords or the words, but there is literally 
nothing out there for this song right now. Here is a shot in the dark.

Standard tuning: Capo 6

Verse 1:
Am                            G                Am
Give me to the road, upon the heart that I had sold.
                              G                Am
Warm my heavy hands, my heavy hands for you to hold.
C         G             Am     C
There's a devil at your door,
       G         Am
And he grows, he grows,
C            G             Am
So I've been told he had a heart of gold
       C         G           Am
And it grows, it grows like a storm.

F       G              Am
Now the low lakes have frozen.
F         G         Am
Away from home I'll go
F        G              Am
When the first snow has fallen.
G             Am
Away I'll go.
    G    Am
Ooo Ooo. (2x)

Verse 2:
Give me to the ground; I followed fires to walk the sun.
Cold upon the mountain to which I'm bound, to which I'm bound.
I'll meet you by the mill,
You're heart winds still.
Sparrow swung down and he took shape and form
And it grows, grows like a storm.


I personally like to mess around with which G I use in the chorus, either 320010 
or 320022. Please leave comments with corrections if you can see any.
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