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Mavis Staples - Wrote A Song For Everyone chords

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Wrote A Song For Everyone - Mavis Staples
Tabbed by: Magic Bear

Tuning: Down a Whole Step, DGCFAD

Intro Riff:


Intro x2

Verse 1:
G             D       C             G
Met myself a comin' county welfare line.

G               C           G              D
I was feelin' strung out, Hung out on the line.

G             D       Em            C
Saw myself a goin', down to war in June.

G          D             C              G
I want, All I want is to write myself a tune.

*For the Chorus, Change From the *G* to the *C* in the same style as the Intro Riff*

C                 G
Wrote A Song For Ev'ryone,

C                G
Wrote a song for truth.

C                 G       Em
Wrote A Song For Ev'ryone

       C                      G
And I couldn't even talk to you.

Intro Riff

Verse 2:
Got myself arrested, Wound me up in jail.
Richmond 'bout to blow up, Communication failed.
If you see the answer, now's the time to say.
All I want, All I want is to get you down to pray.


*Guitar Solo*
Use Verse Chords


Saw the people standin' thousand years in chains.
Somebody said it's diff'rent now, look, it's just the same.
Pharaohs spin the message, round and round the truth.
They could have saved a million people, How can I tell you?


There Are a couple of weird rhythms in the song, just listen to it a couple of times and 
play around with your strumming patter and you'll get it.

Email me with any questions

-The Magic Bear
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