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Meat Puppets - This Day tab

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This Day
Meat Puppets

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On [D] this day we were [A] miles away
We saw a [G] clock up [D] in the [A] sky 
The [D] hands lay on the [A] show to pay
Number [G] fallen [D] on its [A] side 

[G] This day [A]
[G] This day [A]
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Just [D] one note that was [A] all she wrote
And the [G] sound blew [D] down the [A] walls 
The [D] one boat that was [A] set to float
Took a [G] trip right [D] down the [A] falls 

This day, this day 
This day you were miles away 
This day 

In [D] two ways we could [A] cut the haze
And we [G] never [D] used a [A] knife 
In [D] those days there was [A] zero waste
Now a [G] waste of [D] time is [A] life 

[G] This day [A]
[G] This day [A]

[D] This day, [A] [G] this day [A] 
[D] This day, [A] [G] this day [A]
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