Medicine Head - Picture In The Sky chords

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Pictures In The Sky
Recorded by Medicine Head

Requested by Neil


Rhythm = '12 bar blues' riff

In the key of F# although I've heard it played in F and because John Fiddler 
played open tuning for the slide parts the tuning may be slightly out.

Metronome = 112 approx

B F# B F# C# B F#
Ooh ooh ooh

Verse 1
With my boots on my feet
    B            F#
And my hat in my hand
                 B                  F#
I started out to travel across this land
And the stars were my chart
B                           F#
Birds were my rock and roll band

Verse 2 
The roads they weren't long
    B                           F# 
And my heart felt the new sweet song
                           B              F# 
The trees and the sun just helped my love along
And the pictures in the sky
B                  F# 
Helped my soul get high

F# B C# 
Ooh ooh ooh

Play power chords as follows:-
F# = fret 2
B = fret 7
C# = fret 9

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