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Meister - I Call You Love tab

As a precursory note, I only got into this song cause of the BECK/Mongolian Chop Squad.
solid for those who can relate to the trials and tribulations of forming/being in a
so check it out if you're into the anime bit.  Anywho, I took a look at the other tab on 
and it doesn't seem quite right.  Lyrics were a bit off too.  Close, but no cigar. This
dead on to me.  Here ya go:

Tuning: standard


I Call You Love Lyrics:

I just found your letter
I feel your sadness worlds apart
No words can say
I'm sorry

You're everything that matters
Forever I know that
If you call my name
I'll follow

In all my life
No one so real
Untainted love
With you I can ascend

I go with you X2

I won't look back X5
So don't look back
I won't look back

I can call you love
You can call me lover
You can call me love
I can call you lover

Let me call you love
Won't you call me lover
Won't you please say love
I'll love you forever

Hold out my hand
I call your name
Please take me there
No, I will not look back
I go with you X3

I'll grow with you
I go with you X2

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