Mel Tillis - Coca Cola Cowboy chords

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Verse 1: 
I called collect on the phone 

You say you're tired and alone 
But it sounds like some one else is lying there 
                          F#m  B7
She said don't call me no more  
A                     F#m  B7
Don't you knock on my door  
     F#m                B7                E
It's too late now and I know you'll never change 
    E                                 A
And she said, you're just a coca cola cowboy  
           F#m                               B7
You got an Eastwood smile and Robert Redford hair 
        E                                  A
But you walked across my heart like it was Texas 
        F#m              B7                E
And you taught me how to say, I just don't care  
Verse 2: 
She said just leave me alone 

And let me hang up this phone 
Cause he'll see me cry and think I still love you 
                        F#m  B7
Please don't call me no more  
  E                       F#m  B7
I changed the locks on my door  
     A                               E
It's time you understood that we are through 
Repeat Chorus: 

Repeat Chorus: 

A       F#m              B7               E
Yes you taught me how to say I just don't care
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