Melanie Horsnell - Sometimes tab

Tabbed by Moe33. This is the rough idea about the harmony in the track. You can
make it better yourself while playing it :). These are the main 3 parts.

1. Intro part/transition/chorus:
(the important part is the bass otherwise its just Bm \ \ F#)

Bm                                            F#

2. Verse:
Arpeggio on:

Bm         G          Bm              F#
    Cut my skin and I bleed Just like anybody


Bm      G    A              F#
 Sometimes I cry But doesn't everybody


3. Chorus:
Dm    Bb                F           A
    I know that sometimes I end up running wild


The very introductory couple of chords are the 2. sequence followed by 1.
Match 1, 2 and 3 and play the whole song! Enjoy!
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