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Meredith Brooks - Crazy chords

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Well, when i searched the chords to this song i couldn't find them anywhere, so i 
sat down for a while with my guitar and the song on repeat, and this is what i 
heard. it's not exact but it's simple and sounds just fine. enjoy!

Standard tuning
the chords are G D Em C for the entire song. i put them above the beginning and 
the chorus on when they change, but it's the same rhythm for the whole song the 
chords just repeat.

do do dodo do...
      G           D                Em    C
ahhh do do dudu do do do do dudu do

 G          D                   Em      C
do do dudu do do do do dudu do..

 G      D               Em          C
Jump in it's fine without a lifeboat 
I will give it another try
You say come back, don't go in too deep
But it's a rush to see me do it
Cause you don't dare
Even though there's nothing to it

G                         D               Em      C   
This town's always gonna think I'm a little crazy
G                        D               Em       C
Somebody's always gonna try to label me insane
G                    D                    Em         C
Funny how I always seem to be the one who's crazy
              G     D             Em              
I just wanna live, I don't wanna fit
C                 G    D         C
If that makes me crazy, then I am

G    D   Em   C

 G D Em C :|
No way I feel like nothings goin' 
My way but my future's bright
Don't have a single dollar left
Got my keys inside my car
and the high way is opening wide
You ask me where, I can't tell you
But I'm putting town the pedal tonight


You say don't change a single thing
But your list is longer than my day
I can't help wondering 
When all is said and all is done
Am I the crazy one?

I just want to live
I don't want to fit
I just want to try
I don't want to quit
If that makes me crazy, I am
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