Merle Haggard - If Youve Got Time To Say Goodbye chords

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If You've Got Time (To Say Goodbye) 

If you've got time to say goodbye 
Have mercy on a guy that's gonna miss you 
  Em               A
I know you're in a hurry 
    Em               A              D 
But consider all the hurt I'm going through 

Am		D        Am             D 
Let me brace my heart so I can face the part 
               G	       C
That I've been dreading for so long 
If you've got time to say goodbye
          A				  D
Then I'll promise I won't cry till you're gone 

D				   E  
I know a man should never show his feelings 
    A				     D        A	
And I should pretend I'm glad you're leaving 

If you've got time..   
Let me brace...

by: Josť Duarte
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