Michael English - I Bowed On My Knees chords

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G           D7          G      G7
I dreamed of a city called Glory, 
   C      D7     G
So bright and so fair.
       D7                        G
When I entered that gate I cried holy;
E7  A7                D7
The angels all met me there:
     G               D7         G        G7
They carried me from mansion to mansion,
    C       D7      G
And oh what sites I saw.
      C                    G
But I said, "I want to see Jesus,
                 D7       G
He's the One who died for all."

G7     C 
Then I bowed on my knees and cried, 
G             D7           G       G7
"Holy, (holy) holy, (holy) holy."
       C                           G
Then I clapped my hands and sang, "Glory,
             D7     G
Glory to the Son of God."

I thought as I entered that city,
My friends all knew me well.
They showed me the streets of heaven;
Such scenes too numerous to tell;
I saw Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Mark, Luke and Timothy.
But I said, "I want to see Jesus,
He's the One who died for me."

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