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Michael Ruff - More Than Youll Ever Know tab

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Title: More than You'll ever know
Artist: Christian Bautista

    Im 90% sure in this chords...This is the new song Christian Baustista
         Under his New Album: "Christian Bautista LiVE"
                        <>Opm RuLES<>
Am   G   F
Take my hand
    Em                  Dm   G
We're walk awhile, we'll talk awhile
 Am   G F   G                C
Feel my love,always there' beside you
Am G F        Em       Dm       G
Be the love, I know You'll tell me everything
 F       Em         E7
You are the one I cherish more than anything
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             Dm         C A7
I love you more than you'll ever know
        Dm             G    C A7
I love you more than you'll ever see
            Dm              G A
More than my heart could ever show
      Dm               C
I love you more than you'll ever know
 Am G F           Em           Dm        G
Think of me, And know that I'll believe in you
          F            G           C
There' always be this precious time together
      F              Em         Dm             F Em
With every tear ,A Love song so strong no words could ever say
    E7    A
A love to last forever
(repeat chorus)

Instrumental: D-G-C-Bm-A
(repeat again)