Mick Flannery - Near Or Far chords

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Another great song from Mick, requested by RyanMcCann1990.


There's one or two little variations here and there but they're not hard.

(Slide up and down between C & D chords)

G/F#m:     2x00xx
D:         x5403x
Em/B:      x22000

Capo 2nd Fret

Intro: | G - G/F#m - Em - C | D |


G        C       G
Man of a moneyed mind,
  C      G
A trophy wife,
       G/F#m  Em
On his arm to boast,
      D        C
Their love was dashed,
       D       G     | G/F#m - Em - C | D |
On the diamond coast.

G          C      G
Born was a single heir,
       C     G 
To the ideal pair,
       G/F#m    Em
To the careless two,
    D          C
Who choked the child,
       D      G      | G/F#m - Em - C | D |
On the silver spoon.


        G      G/F#m Em
Now the couple takes turns,
Em/B      C           D
Tryin' to out-do each other,
         G    G/F#m Em      Em/B
The more riches the better,
    C         G       | G/F#m - Em - C | D |
The father or mother.


Love at sweet sixteen,
The king and queen,
The wedding bells,
Could well have warned,
What time would tell.

The cut above her eye,
She could not hide,
From the little boy,
Who knew it wise,
To not make noise.


Now he's gone more often,
And she's found ways to forget,
And the little boys hatred,
Is not shown yet.


The wife of a workingman,
Pills in hand, 'neath a teary sleeve,
Their love was true, 
But could not conceive. 

Years and years go by,
The things they tried, but fate had wrote,
To not give life,
Would kill them both.


Now he goes to houses,
Where kissing is banned,
And she has a daughter,
But she's missing her man.

Near or far from your mind,
All this happens all the time.

End on G

Thanks for looking.



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