Mick Flavin - Home To Donegal chords

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This is my interpretation of Mick Flavins live performance in Dundee.

More info at http://www.mickflavin.com/


              A                 D
The lights of London, are far behind

                 Bm                      E
The thoughts of homeland are crowding my mind

         A                  D
Familiar places, come in to view

         A        E              A
I see my home now, soon I'll see you.

                  A                         D
We'll talk to the old folk, they're getting on

              Bm                      E
Treat them to late nights, sing a few songs

                  A                          D                     
We'll talk of the neighbours and life in the town

                   A         E             A
There's so much to tell them, the days fly around.


           A                         D
This is my homeland, the place I was born in

                A               E
No matter where I go it's in my soul

            A                 D
My feet may wander a thousand places

                  A            E          A
But my heart will lead me back home to my Donegal.

--- Instrumental ---

A  D  A  E
A  D  A  E  A

         A                     D
And then tomorrow we'll take a walk

            Bm                   E
Down to St. Marys to a sheltered spot

                A                               D
We'll kneel and pray there for the ones that're gone

                 A        E                A
And hope they're proud of, their wandering son.

Chorus x2

        A                       E          A
Yes, my heart will lead me back home to my Donegal...
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