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Mickey Newbury - Sweet Memories chords

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Sweet Memories  

B                  B7        E
My world is like a river, as dark as it is deep
F#                                                       B     
Night after night the past slips in and gathers all my sleep
                    B7                  E
My days are just an endless stream of emptiness to me
                   B                F#         B 
Filled only by the fleeting moments of her memory

F#        B  
Sweet memories
D#        G#m C#7  B  F#  B
Sweet memorie-es  

She slipped into the silence of my dreams last night 
Wandering from room to room, she's turning on each light
Her laughter spills like water from a river to the sea
I'm swept away from sadness, clinging to her memory

Sweet memories
Sweet memories 

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