Midas Whale - Howling At The Moon chords

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First tab, hope it helps some of you.
Some of the Lyrics may be deciphered incorrectly

Capo II for Guitar I (Ryan) 
Capo IV for Guitar II (Jon)

Intro Chords
Gtr I: A E Fm E
Gtr II: G D Em D

Verse Chords 
Gtr I:  A         E
Gtr II: G
         Cry, like men my love forsaken

I: Fm          E
   How could I ever be so mistaken

I: A              E
   With the moon my heart is waning

I: Fm                 E
   Still there's no use in feigning explaining

I:  A              E
II: G              D
   Sweet as rain so soft and tender

I:  Fm            E
II: Em            D
   Sighing and dyeing is all i remember

I:  A               E
II: G               D
   black to white the times are changing

I: Fm                    E
II:Em                    D
   where were you while my true love was aging

Chorus Chords
Gtr I:  A                  E
Gtr II: G                  D
         A piece of me was dead

I:                Fm                D                A
II:               Em                C                G
   I followed you and vowed you'd stay inside me through

I:  E                     Fm
II: D                    Em
   I lied to you, dark I knew

I:               D
II:              C
   while I was howling at the moon (howl)

The song continues in the same pattern after that.

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