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Miguel - Sure Thing chords

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These are the CORRECT chords

Dmaj7  Fm7  Amaj7/E   Gmaj7/D
| x     x       9        7
| 7     10      9        7
| 6     9       9        7
| 7     11      x        x
| 5     9       7        5 
| x     x       x        x 

Dmaj7                  Fm7
Love me like a brother Treat you like a friend 

Amaj7/E                 Gmaj7/D
Respect you like a lover 

You could bet that 
Never gotta sweat that [x4] 

If you could be the cash 
I'll be the rubber band 

You be the match 
Imma be your fuse 

Painter baby you 
Could be the muse 

I'm the reporter baby 
You could be the news 

Cause your the cigarette 
And I'm the smoker 

We raise a bet... 
Cause your a joker 
Truth tho... 

You are the chalk 

And I could be the blackboard 
And you can be the talk 
And I could be the walk 

Dmaj7  Fm7   Amaj7/E   Gmaj7/D.... Repeat chords throughout
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