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Mike Birbiglia - Guitar Guy At The Party chords

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This is a hilarious song about the real truth why guys learn how to play the
guitar. And let's face it. We have all played the part as "the guitar guy at
the party" on more than one occasion. Mike Birbiglia claims that he's only 
using three chords for this song, but after seeing his Comedy Central
half-hour special, I counted about five chords. If you want to see the
special that this tab is refering to it's:

And, as always, if you have any troubles with the tab, just listen to the
song or watch the video that I have given you and it should give you some
help on when he strums and lets the chords ring out. This tab may or may not
be exactly right do to the constantly moving camera, but this tab should give
a good outline of what you're trying to shoot for. And please rate and comment
this tab when you have made your final judgement.


Verse 1:

G       Cadd9      Em7    G 
I'm the guitar guy at the party

Cadd9   G                Em7                Cadd9
I'm the guitar guy and I think I'll drink a Coke and Bacardi

G                      Cadd9 
It might seem like i'm just havin' fun but I'm

G                           Cadd9
actually not, i'm trying to sleep with your girlfriend

G                 Cadd9
Listen to me as I play this song 'cause I'm

Em7             G
gonna play it regardless

Verse 2:

Dsus4    G
I'm only playin' three chords so
Cadd9      G
I can make eye contact

Cadd9          G
with different women in the room

Em7               G
I'm gonna try and sleep with your girlfriend

Cadd9                 G 
But i'm gonna make it sound like we have a really

Cadd9                      G
special bond and we should keep it secret

Spoken Verse:

Em7                   G                              Cadd9
You know i think your boyfriend really takes you for granted
Em7                       G                                 Cadd9
When was the last time he told you that your eyes look like space crystals?
Em7                                         G     Cadd9
If you wanna come by my place later it'd be cool, it's not gonna be like
     G     Em7                           G
last time. I totally understand why that freaked you out.

Verse 3:

Dsus4      G
Maybe if I play 'Free Fallin'' then 

Cadd9                  G
someone will give me a handjob

Cadd9                 G 
Or maybe they'll just sit on my lap and the
Cadd9                     G
friction will cause me to have an erection

Cadd9       G                        Cadd9           G
an erection I'll make sure you won't feel 'cause i'm classy

Cadd9         G 
and I'm gonna shift it to the left

Cadd9         G
and I'm gonna shift it to the right

Cadd9                         G
and I'm gonna create a mental image in my head like 

Cadd9          G
guys in prison taking a group shower

Verse 4:

Em7       G                Cadd9                           G
Here's my story. I'm gonna make sure that I tell it in the proper order

Cadd9     G                        Em7        G
I went to arts camp as a kid and I played the recorder.

Cadd9               G                 Cadd9      G
Then I learned that recorders are for losers and guitars get chicks and

Cadd9      G                   Cadd9                   G
now when I feel like a loser I take this out and sing 'Wonderwall' by Oasis

Verse 5:

G             Cadd9
I play mostly covers, 

G                                 Cadd9
Cat Stevens and the Beatles and a couple of others

Em7  G                                                 Cadd9 
I do some original songs too but they're not as well received...
 D         G    D         G
"Christ is God, Christ is God"


Em7   G
But I still want that handjob 

Cadd9          G
'Cause I'm the guitar guy
I'm the guitar guy, 
I'm the guitar guy, 
Cadd9              D   G
I'm the guitar GUY-I-I-I. 

And that should be that for "The Guitar Guy At The Party", by one of my
favorite stand-up comedians Mike Birbiglia. Once again, please rate and 
comment when you have made your final judgement on the tab. And, if you
liked this tab, feel free to stop by my profile page on this site and check
out some of the others. And feel free to also join my "UGs Online Debate"
group where you get to debate and argue with other UG people over music

-I hope you enjoy; my little droogies.
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