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Ministry Of Magic - On The Other Side chords

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Ministry of Magic - On the Other Side
Jason Munday/Ryan Seiler
Notes: The C#m-B-E run maybe be simplified by using the power chord
shapes (noted below as Aleternative chords) if you have trouble with
bar chords. See/listen to the video to get the timing right on it too.
This is based on the chords Ryan (guy on the right) plays.

E  B  A2  E  C#m-B-E

E                       B
Up the spiral staircase only to find
A2                        E         C#m-B-E
One empty perch within an empty room
E                             B
A sealed up snitch, a book of nursery rhymes
A2                        E     C#m-B-E
The end of all our conversations

Close my eyes
      C#m  B    
Maybe I am only dreaming
Try to lie
     C#m           B
To myself, you are only sleeping
A2             B
Close my eyes, close my eyes

    E      B       A2
And so the phoenix cries
    E      B       A2
And so the phoenix flies
          C#m    B        A2
Ive gotta always keep in mind
        C#m      B        A2
Another great adventure waits
                 E  B  A2
On the other side
                              E  B  A2
Ill see you on the other side

E                   B
Even if the Hallows were at my grip
A2                         E     C#m-B-E
They'd only make me my own enemy
E                      B
Watching over me since I left my crib
A2                              E         C#m-B-E
One of a thousand things you've taught me


Chords Used:
E   022100
B   224442
A2  002200
C#m 446654

Alternative Chords (Power chords):
C#m x466xx
B   x244xx
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