Misc Praise Songs - Let Heaven Rejoice chords

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Intro: G-A-D-Bm-G-A-D

     D                  Em      A         D      Em    A
Let heaven rejoice and earth be glad, Let all creation sing
    G            A       D     Bm       G     A      D
Let children proclaim to every land, “Hosanna to the King”.

Verse 1:
Bm                Em       Bm        Em         G       F#
Sound the trumpet into the night the day of the Lord is near 
Bm       A       Gm        G        Em              A
Wake His people, lift your voice proclaim it to the world

(Repeat refrain)

Verse 2 (Same chords as verse 1) 
Rise in splendor, shake off your sleep, put on your robes of hope
And in the morning you shall see, the Glory of the Lord

(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 3 (Same chords as verse 1)
Raise your voice, be not afraid, proclaim it in every land
Christ has died but he has risen, He will come again

(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 4 (Same chords as verse 1) 
Nations tremble, wise men amazed, a Child is born this night
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, our Father, Prince of Peace

(Repeat Refrain)

Verse 5 (Same chords as verse 1)
Songs of angels, “Glory on High, and Peace to men on earth
I bear glad tidings: born this day your Savior and your God.

(Refrain Refrain)
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