Misc Television - Its All About You chords

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It's All About You by Boys Who Cry from Spongebob Squarepants.
The chorus is in E, the verse(s) (Pearl's and Squidward's) are in F.

                E         A 
It's all about you girl,
                     E       A
On your sixteenth birthday,
Pay attention to you, girl,
      A                       E        A
Everyone has to do just what you say.  
             F#m            Am
You get your very own spot light tonight,
             E         C#
'Cause it's all about you,
                       A     B
Yeah, it's all about Pearl!
You're the birthday girl...

Pearl's Verse: 
                     F    A#
Yeah, it's all about me, 
                   F       A#
On my sixteenth birthday!
         F                       A#
I want music, and clothes, and shiny things,
    F                A#
so give it up right away!
    Gm             A#m
Everybody in the whole wide world,
                     F        D
they have to pay attention to me!
                     A#        C
Yeah, it's all about me, me, guess who?
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