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Misc Traditional - Ocarrolans Concerto tab

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               O' Carrolan's Concherto
                 by Turlough O' Carrolan.
		Tabbed by Brian Farrelly (

	O'Carrolan was a blind minstrel who wandered the highways and
byways of Ireland in the 17th century. He mainly wrote pieces of music
for the gentry of the time and thus much of his music bares their names
i.e. Planxty George Irwin etc. He wrote for the harpsichord and  thus
sounds really well on guitar.

	You really need a record of this tune to get the timing as it is
like most trad. Irish music insofar as it is individual notes. I 
believe the Chieftans do a version of it on one of their records!

	And questions etc, please mail me!

                  Brian!   (Enjoy!)

Verse 1:



-------3---3-2-3-3-3-    End of 1st verse!

Verse 2:



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