Misc Traditional - Skye Boat Song chords

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Standard Tuning 

C             Am/E         Dm7         G7
Speed, bonnie boat , like a bird on the wing,
C             F       C    G7
"Onward!" the sailors cry.
C          Am/E      Dm7        G7
Carry the lad that`s born to be King
C        F        C
over the sea to Skye.

Verse 1
Am                   Dm                   Am           F        Am
Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar, thunderclaps rend the air.
Am               Dm                  Am          F        Am    G7
Baffled our foes stand by the shore, follow they will not dare.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Am                      Dm                   Am        F     Am
Through the waves leap, soft shall ye sleep, ocean`s a royal bed.
Am                  Dm              Am            F     Am     G7
Rocked in the deep, Flora will keep watch by your weary head.    
Repeat Chorus

Verse 3 
Am              Dm                  Am           F          Am
Many`s the lad, fought on that day, well the claymore could wield.
Am                   Dm            Am          F       Am     G7
When the night came, silently lay, dead on Culloden`s field.
Repeat Chorus
Verse 4
Am                    Dm               Am          F     Am
Burned are our homes, exile and death, scatter the loyal men.
Am                   Dm                  Am           F      Am   G7
Yet, o`er the sword, cool in the sheath, Charlie will come again.
Repeat Chorus
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