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Misc Unsigned Bands - John Fred His Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise tab

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Judy In Disguise:
John Fred & His Playboy Band.
(Believe it or not this song made it to #1
 in the USA in '68 & #3 in the UK. 
PS.I doesn't make much sense.
   And I don't know what a 'rara' is. But
   it was a #1 hit. KK.)

           C                            G
Judy in disguise, well, that's what you are,

a lemonade pie with a brand new car.

Cantalope eyes come to me tonight,

Judy in disguise...with glasses.

                     C                    G
Keep wearin' your bracelets, and your new rara,

cross your heart, yeah,  with your living bra.

A chimney sweep sparrow with guise,

Judy in disguise..with glasses.


F                                     Bb G
Come to me tonight, come to me tonight,

F                    Eb
taking everything in sight,

F                            G
except for the strings on my kite.




             C                          G
Judy in disguise, well, what you aiming for,

a circus of horrors, yeah, well, that's what you are.

                      G         C
You made me a life of ashes...I guess I'll just take your



A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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