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Misc Unsigned Bands - Megan And Liz - Maybe Possibly chords

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Hi Guys:) Okay so Megan and Liz just released their original song, "Maybe, Possibly" on
and i absolutely LOVE it! So this is my first tab, so please just tell me what you think
be completely honest in a nice way. Dont forget to rate too! So i just sorta listened to 
play the song and this is what i came up with:) Hope you like it!
(CAPO 1)

  Em                                                                C
We broke up, and now I'm just waiting for you
To wake up, and realize that this is all you
And what you're putting me through
 Em                                    C                G
Believe me when I say, you're gunna regret it,
D (one strum down)
You'll see

         G           D              Em
That Maybe, Possibly I was the best I don't compare to the rest
         G            D              Em
            C                  G               D
And maybe, possibly you make me aware of everything I say and do
           Em                               C (one strum down)
And maybe, possibly I still want you

Em                                              C
We broke up and now I'm just waiting for me
To see, the real reality
That what we had is only what we used to be
Em                                       D
I should've know better, I could've done better...
G                                           C
I should've known better, I could've done better..


Thanks and hope you liked it!:)
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