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Misc Unsigned Bands - Blue Monday For The Handymen - May It Last For Not Only One Day chords

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                    May It Last For Not Only One Day
It`s raining cats and dogs, water sent to us from that one above,
Moist thoughts that don`t make us aroused, but fed up and bruised..
Everything is so much harder now, when the one is not on our side….

Where are you our friend? Life is easier when you are present here.
You make things happen, we make love not war.
One big happy family, It`s easier when you show us the light…

Chorus  ( Am-C-Am-Fmaj)

Yes, you are here, we love it.
As usual it`s working you are the man.
Thank you God for creating this day,
Everybody is happy and ceasing the day…
May it last for, not only one day!

We are sick and tired of warm clothes, wet shoes and that week of the month, all month.
You must be here cause everyone is smiling, when you show your face your monty…


Ending: We are happy, we are happy yeah,yeah, yeah
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