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Misc Unsigned Bands - Blue Monday For The Handymen - What I See I Can Be chords

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                   What I See, I Can Be
Live your life, like there is no tomorrow,
Cease the day, go for it, make it yours.
Don`t let anyone steal your lust,will and goals.
Look at all the misery, nothing we can do,
But to go for gold, no limitations, Save the world and be, free, free.

(Fill In:  Em-G-Em-G-Em-G)

Chorus ( D-C-Em-G-Em-G x2)

Don`t let them tell you, what to be.
Your life, your choice, Naive what is that.
Life is beautiful, when Hope trust and friends, can spice and we can say:
What I see, I can be, I can be, What I see..

(Fill in)

Bridge (C-G one line, C-Em one line, C-G, C-Em and so on)

Don`t let them tell you,
Don`t let them tell you,
Look at all the greed, 
Be what you want,
Life`s too short
Go for gold,
Not bronze,
You can save the world,
If you want!!

(Fill in)

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