Misc Unsigned Bands - Deliverance - Tiffany Miracle chords

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In the Key of: G

     G      A       Bm          G      A       Bm
Were tired and so weary this journeys been so long
          G    A   Bm           A            G
In this cold dark winter everything’s gone wrong
         G   A     D                          A      
Spring time is coming I can feel its gentle breeze
                    Bm - G                D       
I have no doubt deliverance is coming for me
Cause he knows right where you are
He knows right were you’ve been
                Bm             A             G
Every step you took he was holding to your hand
He promised hed never leave
Even til the end
                 Bm - G               D
Deliverance is coming hold on to his hand

Verse 2
       G    A    Bm       G   A     Bm
Storm has been raging for so many nights
       G         A     Bm        A                       G
Our strength has been faded our hearts are filled with fright
  G            A        D                                 A
Oh but I can see the sunrise, Its breaking through the clouds
                 Bm - G                   D
Deliverance is coming I can almost see it now
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