Misc Unsigned Bands - Shirnel Enos - Overcome chords

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Bm G D A

So your gonna try play it cool
And tell me your home all by yourself
Gonna lie to my face and expect me to believe you, your something else
Won't you even try just a little to cover up all of your tracks you leave behind
Like you care but I know what you do when you do it and guess what I really don't mind

Even though that you think you got the upper hand
There is much you gotta learn, so much you understand
'Cause I'm overcome I'd be breaking down instead
I'm tired of playing

I listen to your voicemail the other day and heard her talk about plans I already knew
Well now go have a blast cause imma be out on my own with somebody new
And if you think you got the game to pull a stunt like that oh boy your wrong
Cause every time that you thought I was home, I was out on my date, turnin them on


I'd really thought you were the one for me so I gave all I had I fulfill your needs
And you took my heart, you broke it apart, you're bringing me down, and had to say it 
won't happen again, your right , your full of lies
All I asked was respect from you and the sweat and the tears that was meant for you
Foolish of me thought that you was the one but no more, no more, no more
So try to remember
Exactly what you had
'Cause this feeling, is the only thing that you had
And look how the game ends
Now turn it's back on you
Guess you know that I learned
Your the one who played the fool

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