Misc Unsigned Bands - Benjamin Anderson - I Want To Know chords

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Gm                  [ch]Gm/Eb[/ch]
You're alone in the rain
Been thinking of you
You can't stop your tears
                     [ch]Gm/D#[/ch]   D
When you stayed with me just before
I wanna know
Do you love me?

    Gm                       [ch]Gm/F[/ch]
How long you had to wait for me
You can't think of yesterday
I got in a fight
When you saw me
               Gm       [ch]Gm/F[/ch]                Eb7
But I couldn't talk and sprawled out on the floor
So it's too late

   D#              F       Gm
Oh girl, how I can I speak with you?
   Gm        Bb/F    Eb
If you could hear my secret
      F      Gm   F  Dm7
Now I really want to talk
       D#               F
It's a shame O, did you know?
Gm   B                            Eb
When than you could find what you seek
          F            Gm
You'll be stronger for real
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