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Misc - Snoopy Versus The Red Baron tab


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Date: 1/8/97; 7:13:02 PM
From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham)

Recorded by The Royal Guardsmen
Words and music by P. Gernhard and D. Holler
[D] After the turn of the [G] century
In the [D] clear blue skies over [A7] Germany
Came a [D] roar and a thunder men had Nev- [G] er heard
Lke the [A7] screamin' sound of a [D] big war bird.

Up in the sky, a man in a plane
Baron von Richthoven was his name
Eighty men tried and eighty men died
Now they're buried together on the country side.

[D] Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, [G] fifty and more
The [D] bloody Red Baron was [A7] rollin' up the score
[D] Eighty men died tryin' to [G] end that spree
Of the [A7] bloody Red Baron of [D] Germany.

In the nick of time a hero arose
A funny lookin' dog with a big black nose
He flew into the sky to seek revenge
But the Baron shot him down - foiled again.

Now Snoopy'd swore that he'd get that man
So he asked the great pumpkin for a new battle plan 
He challenged the German to a real dog fight 
While the Baron was laughing he got him in his sight.

The bloody Red Baron was in a fix
He tried everything, but he'd run out of tricks
Snoopy fired once then he fired twice
And the bloody Red Baron was spinnin' out of sight.

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