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Misc - Taps tab

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                       ___2x/3x speed_______
e |-0-0-5~--|--0-5-9--|--0-5-9-0-5-9-0-5-9--|--5-9-12--|--12p6/5p0-|
b |----------------------------------------------------------------|
g |----------------------------------------------------------------|
d |----------------------------------------------------------------|
a |----------------------------------------------------------------|
e |----------------------------------------------------------------|
e |--0-0-5~~~----|
b |--------------|
g |--------------|
d |--------------|
a |--------------|
e |--------------|

~ verbrato (just hold the note in some way)
/ slide (either way)
h hammer-on
p pull-off
2x/3x add speed for this one section then slow back down for rest.

tabbed by David Farmer (you can see me on the irc as Dark`Wolf)

my tab may be incorrect since i'm playing this from memory and i've 
only been playing the guitar for about a year (December 1995 is when i
started playing) please send me any corrections, comments to  Thanx.

i am presently working on tabbing "Moonlight Sonnata"

is there anything that youd like tabbed?  i'll try to tab it for you
if you tell me the song and, if needed, send me a wav/ra file of the 

Please visit my webpages @
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