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Miss Saigon - Still chords

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Dm  /A7  /Dm  /A7

Dm                       A7
Last night I watched him sleeping
   [ch]Dm/F[/ch]               A7
My body pressed to him
Dm                  A7
And then he started speaking
    [ch]Dm/F[/ch]             Gm          C7
The name I heard him speak...was Kim
Yes I know that this was years ago
         Bbmaj7                        A
But when moonlight fills my room I know
        G      A  A7
You are here...still

I still
  Gm           C7
I still believe 
    F          F7
You will return
  Bb           Bbm
I know you will
My heart 
Against all odds
Holds still

Yes, still
  Gm           C7
I still believe
  F       F7                   Bb
I know as long as I can keep believing
I'll live
I'll live
Love cannot die
           Dm                Ab
You will will return
    G            C    A
And I alone know why 

Dm                       [ch]A7/E[/ch]
Last night I watched you sleeping
     Dm/7                   A7
Once more the nightmare came
Dm                  [ch]A7/E[/ch]
I heard you cry out something
  [ch]Dm/F[/ch]                  Gm   C7
A word that sounded like...a name
       C7                           F
And it hurts me more than I can bear
        Bbmaj7                      A
Knowing part of you I'll never share
      G    A
Never know

But still
  Gm           C7
I still believe
    F             F7
The time will come 
     Bb                    Bbm
When nothing keeps us apart
   F              Eb
My heart, forever more
Holds still

It's all over, I'm here
There is nothing to fear
Chris, what's haunting you?
Won't you let me inside
What you so want to hide?
Gb             B  B7
I need you too!

    Em                                   }
For still                                }
  Am            D7                      }                                      
I still believe                          }
   G        G                           }
As long as I                             }      
           C                 Cm                 }
Can keep believing, I'll live            }
      G                                  }
I'll live                                }      
           F    Em                      }
You will return                          }
           Bb                            }
And I know why                           }--Together (See chords Kim)
    A                                    }
I'm yours                                }
ELLEN                                    }
I will hold you all night                }
I will make it all right                 }
You are safe with me                     }
But I wish you would tell                }
what you don't want to tell              }
What your hell must be                   }
You can sleep now                        }
You can cry now                          }
I'm your wife now                        }
For life                                 }

Until we die
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