Mitchrg - Oh Holy Night chords

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Oh holy Night

O holy night 
    D           A
The stars are brightly shining 

It is the night 
       E              A
Of the dear saviorís birth 
A                        D              A
Long lay the earth under sin and errors pinning 
Till he appeared 
         G#m          C#m
And the soul felt its worth
    E                  A
The thrill of hope the weary soul rejoices 
    E               A
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn 

F#m7          C#m
Fall on your knees 
   Bm              A
Oh hear the angelsí voices 
   A  E  A   D
Oh night divine 
   A   E                 A
Oh night that Christ was born 
   A   E
Oh night 
A     D
   A  E                  A              
Oh night when Christ was born
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